Studio18 is thrilled to bring together for the first time, by way of comparison and contrast, large and small scale work by some of the most prominent Welsh artists, past and present.

The exhibition is called “Scale” because of the emphasis we feel should be placed on the unique importance of size to that aspect of paintings’ artform. Unlike many contemporary art practices such as performance, installation, video, where scale may also be a factor, in painting, because of the frozen materiality of the formal object occupying real space in the wall in front, or the ceiling above: scale rules supreme. Indeed,  whether the size of a postage stamp, an Elizabethan miniature or the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel –  scale in painting rules supreme.

Scale can solve individual expression, sharpen up technique, point the artist in a new direction, because it is always to do with the actual fact of painting and not linked to ulterior contexts, which can deflect and dilute the art. Scale in other art practices can be used as a means to overwhelm and obfuscate. With painting, large or small, there is no hiding place.

This exhibition will also be an opportunity to see the largest movable painting ever made in Wales. “Liebestod”, by Kevin Sinnott measures 500 x 450 cm and will be dismantled soon after “Scale” is concluded.

Artists exhibiting in SCALE:

Ceri Richards, Peter Prendergast, John Selway, Emrys Williams, Shani Rhys James, Kevin Sinnott


Elfyn Lewis, Brendan Stuart Burns, Dorothy M Williams, Seren Morgan Jones, Meirion Ginsberg, Jan Roberts, Margaret Rose, Leanne Wood AM, Nichola Hope, William Brown, Sally Moore and Vicki Washbourne.

Kevin F Sinnott

Neil Confrey