As a counterpoint to Sue Williams exhibition, we thought that it would be interesting to show the suite of linocut prints that Kevin Sinnott produced in the early 1990s. The prints have not been shown since their discreet unveiling at an         exhibition held at the bespoke tailor’s studio, Timothy Everest, in London in 1997.

The use of sexual images goes back as far as art itself, with notable flourishes in    ancient Greece and Rome, and then in Persia and across Asia, particularly India and Japan. Woodblock erotic prints, known collectively as Shunga, have been produced in Japan for centuries, and are said to have been enjoyed by men and women. It was common in such prints to exaggerate the size of the genitals, a tradition you may feel Kevin has followed. In Britain it seems likely that the idea of erotic imagery as pornography was yet another gift left for us by the Victorians. This remains an       ongoing philosophical and moral issue in our era, wrapped up in the arguments as to the use and abuse of power, the exploitation of the female body, and the male gaze.

Kevin’s erotic print imagery takes inspiration from classical myth, religion and life. The prints show men and women pursuing, and apparently finding, sexual pleasure. The images are not exploitative of any gender, and are not intended to offend.           Nevertheless we do not doubt that some people may take offence, and so if you are likely to be upset by explicit depictions of sexual acts, showing pleasure for the simple sake of it, then we suggest that you do not go into the Print Room on the first floor of STUDIO18. 

Neil P Confrey – Oriel Ci Melyn

Kevin F Sinnott – STUDIO18

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